How to Safely Open Your Garage Door Manually

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Automated garage doors are usually very reliable, but there are rare occasions when you might need to open them yourself manually. There are various reasons why your garage door won't open automatically, but this is no cause for concern and definitely, no reason to rush in calling your local Loveland garage door repair services - at least not yet.

With the help of our professional guidance, you will be able to successfully open your garage doors in a safe manner. In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the reasons why your garage door opener has failed and how you can safely open it manually.

How to Safely Open a Stuck Garage Door Manually

Automatic garage doors are incredibly helpful, saving you countless time and effort every day. But, as soon as the automated system fails, it can quickly become a huge problem for you. However, since there is always a chance for this inconvenience to take place, all modern garage doors have built-in manual methods enabling you to open them in case of emergency.

So, if you find yourself with a garage door that will not open, you do not need to panic and call out garage door installation or repair services. Instead, just follow these simple steps, and you will be able to open your garage door safely.

Manual Deadbolts & Locks

You may find that your garage door opener has not failed and, in fact, someone has engaged the manual deadbolts or other locks. If this is the case, you can simply disengage the locks, and the door should now open. If the garage door still does not open after following this step, then move on to the next step.

Emergency Release Cord

In the event of a stuck garage door, all modern systems should have an Emergency Release Cord or ERC. The ERC should be easy to spot as it is usually placed at the center of the door at the top; in some cases, it is also colored red. Before you pull the ERC, you MUST first make sure that the power has been disengaged from the garage door opener. Switching off your house’s electricity or simply unplugging the power cable will do the trick.

Now you are ready to pull the ERC, which will disengage the door from the automated opener mechanism leaving you with a classic manual garage door.

Safely Opening Your Manual Garage Door

Your stuck garage door is no longer being prevented from being opened by the failed opener system and can simply be lifted. To do this safely, lift the garage door from the center at the very bottom and pull it straight up above your head. Before you let go, once the garage door has been lifted high enough, it should begin to slide into its configured open position.

We advise making sure no one else is in the proximity of the garage door when you do this to prevent any accidents if the door fails to fully enter the open position.

Now you are ready to drive your car out of your garage and close the door behind you. Remember, you will need to manually lock the garage door since you have disconnected its power.

Do I Need Garage Door Repair If I Can’t Get In?

In the event that your garage door opener has failed and you are unable to get inside your garage, we have provided an additional set of steps to help you safely open the door from the outside.

Most garage doors will have an emergency release function that can be accessed from the outside. In most cases, you will need to look toward the center of the door, at the top, and you should see the mechanism. Once located, you will need to insert the appropriate key and turn it, and then pull the mechanism towards you. The lock tumbler should then come out with an emergency release cord which can be pulled to disengage the motor.

Now, your garage door can be manually opened by lifting it from the very bottom. Make sure to use the provided handle and ensure the area beneath the door is clear, just in case you drop it.

As you can see, there are methods available to open your stuck garage door from both the inside and outside, meaning there is usually no need to call your local garage door repair services. However, if you are unable to safely open your garage door with the provided guidance, feel free to contact your Loveland garage door installation professionals, as we are always ready to help our customers.

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