What Causes Broken Garage Door Springs?

Rusty torsion spring above upper interior edge of residential garage door

Truth be told, garage doors are tough pieces of equipment, and even in the failure of certain parts, they can often be manually opened with emergency systems. However, this is not always the case. One of our most common call-outs in Loveland is due to broken or malfunctioning garage door springs, which can lead to a stuck garage door. The door springs are arguably the most important part of a garage door - aside from the door itself - so it is crucial that you know everything you possibly can to take care of them.

This post will provide the necessary information about what causes broken garage door springs and how to avoid costly repairs.

Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Springs Break

We have already shown praise for the toughness of garage doors, especially the ones at C & M Garage Doors, but we have to remember that they are constantly exposed to tough elements and are used multiple times every day. Due to this, there can be several reasons why your door springs may break over time, and you can find the most common of them below.

Door Jams

As all homeowners will know, dirt has a habit of getting everywhere, and your garage doors are particularly vulnerable. Over time, dirt and various other forms of debris can build up on your garage door tracks and cause multiple problems, including causing your door to jam. While you may think this is easily fixed by removing the dirt and debris from the door tracks, these jams can cause additional damage to your garage door springs.

When a door jam occurs, it leaves the door springs in a state of limbo where they are neither fully coiled up nor uncoiled (releasing their energy). Too much time spent in this state will cause the springs to be far less efficient and unable to complete the function that is required of them.


Rust can be a problem for all things metal, and without proper maintenance, your garage door springs can also be affected. Over time, rust can build up on your door springs, slowly compromising the integrity of the spring. This can then lead to the springs cracking or even completely snapping, as they no longer have the strength to withstand the pressure.

Many modern doors have more than just one torsion spring and can still work when one breaks. However, older garage doors with just a single torsion spring will no longer be able to function. We advise that you take the time to maintain your garage door, especially the springs, properly.

Wear & Tear

Unfortunately, general wear and tear plagues pretty much everything on this earth, and since your garage doors are likely to be used every day, they also fall victim. Of course, with proper maintenance, you can reduce the wear and tear of your garage door springs but only to a certain degree. However, in the end, no matter well you maintain them, they will need replacing at some point.

Lack of Maintenance

We have already mentioned the importance of maintenance and how it can help prevent certain issues, and how it can extend the life of your garage door springs.

Although garage doors are relatively tough, they still require certain levels of maintenance to work effectively, especially for a long time. Failing to lubricate or clean your garage door springs and other parts is only going to increase the chances of them breaking.

Poor Quality

You may be wondering why you have broken garage door springs after you have taken the time to maintain them properly. Well, if this is you, then the chances are the problem is due to the quality of the product or lack of it.

We all like to save money when it is possible to do so, and choosing a cheap option when looking for garage door installation services may seem like a good opportunity to save a few dollars. We already know that garage doors are used every day whilst being exposed to challenging weather, so poor quality is going to show very quickly and lead to problems.

Whether the quality of the product is poor or a non-professional handled the installation, malfunctioning garage doors are a big problem. Therefore, garage door installations should always be handled by a professional, and we always advise sticking to high-quality components too.

How to Avoid Costly Garage Door Repairs

Sometimes you are unable to avoid a stuck garage door, and garage door repair is absolutely necessary. But, if you find that you are in need of repairs multiple times a year, then you may want to pay attention to the following guidance.

Properly Maintain

The best way to avoid costly repairs is by keeping your garage door properly maintained. Garage doors do not need a lot or even constant maintenance. A simple clean here and there and some lubricant once in a while will keep them in good shape.

Fix Broken Springs Straight Away

Many garage doors can still be opened and closed with broken springs, but this is something we strongly advise against. If there is only one broken spring, then the stress is going to be doubled on the remaining spring, which undoubtedly will lead to further issues. We also advise that when you replace a broken spring, you always replace both, even if one still works.

Do Not Service Broken Springs Yourself

It can be tempting to save some money by servicing your broken garage door springs yourself, but we advise leaving this job to the professionals. Not only may you incorrectly service the springs, but you could also seriously injure yourself. Garage door springs operate under heavy weights and pressure and should not be handled by non-professionals.

Loveland Garage Door Repair

C & M Garage Doors offer an experienced team of professionals that can provide exceptional levels of garage door repair and installation across Loveland and the neighboring communities. If you are in need of high-quality services in these areas, contact us today at (970) 663-7335.

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