Five Reasons to Never Ignore Garage Door Problems

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As garage door installation and repair specialists, we’ve met many customers who wish they’d called us earlier. If you’re waiting to deal with a minor garage door repair in Loveland and you keep putting it off, we urge you to get in touch with us or another repair specialist, as things could get worse. Below, we take a look at the main reasons you should never ignore garage door problems and why dealing with them at the earliest opportunity is almost always the right thing to do.

Five Reasons Not to Delay an Overhead Door Repair in Loveland

Here are five fantastic reasons why it’s never a good idea to put off an overhead door repair job until a more convenient time. Apart from the fact that a more convenient time may never arrive, the following consequences may make you wish you’d contacted a local overhead door company sooner!

Higher Future Garage Door Repair Bills

Depending on what exactly is wrong with your door, there is a good chance that waiting to repair it could end up costing you more in the long run. Consider a simple issue like a broken or worn torsion spring that needs to be replaced. If it’s only causing a small problem at the moment – perhaps the door is opening unevenly or a little more slowly – you may think that’s there’s no reason to start searching online for ‘garage door repair near me’ or calling around for quotes. However, the faulty spring could cause the motor in the opening mechanism to start working harder than it really ought to, with the consequence that either the motor fails or it exerts too much force on another component in your door, causing even more problems.

Risk of Overhead Door Injuries

One of the most important reasons you should never leave a garage door repair for another day is the risk of injury it may pose to you and your family. A problem such as we mentioned earlier – a worn spring – could become a broken spring that results in your door closing suddenly, without warning. In this event, obstacle sensors would not be of any help because the door opening mechanism would no longer be capable of doing its job. Overhead garage doors are quite heavy and if someone were to be in the wrong place when a spring let go completely, the consequences could be catastrophic. For this reason alone, more than any other on our list, we recommend that all repair jobs are attended to as soon as possible, even if it seems like it wouldn't hurt to leave it for a few days.

Fire Hazard

Problems with the motor in your door opener should always be sorted out as soon as they are noticed because a malfunctioning motor could catch fire and cause a lot of damage to your garage, and to the rest of your property if the fire is not brought under control quickly enough. While we’re on the subject of motors, we recommend having yours serviced on a regular basis and performing a visual inspection every month or so, just to make sure it is in good working order. Preventative maintenance is always better than remedial repairs where motors are concerned. Our Loveland garage door repair team has had to replace a number of motors that might have continued to work well for many years if they had been properly maintained.

Risk of Garage Door Break-Ins

A fully functioning overhead door that closes firmly can present a formidable barrier for potential intruders but one that doesn’t close properly is an open invitation to passing criminals. A wooden door with rotting panels can be kicked in quite easily and a metal door with bent panels could also be quite easy to force open, if someone really wants to effect an entry into your garage and home. There are numerous other ways in which a faulty garage door can represent a security risk, which is why it’s a good idea to have any damage fixed as soon as you notice it. This is a particularly important point to bear in mind if you have an integral garage with a door into the rest of your home. Leaving an overhead door repair until later could result in loss of property or worse in such cases.

Increased Home Heating and Cooling Costs

This is another problem that is particularly relevant for homes with an integral garage. If your door is damaged or failing to close properly, it could be letting hot air into your property in the summer and allowing warm air to escape in the winter, leading to higher utility bills. A door that forms a nice tight seal will help to keep your heating and cooling costs under control. If your door is not damaged but still doesn’t form a good seal when it is closed, you might like to consider adding weatherstripping to the bottom edge. This is not a difficult job so it’s something you can do yourself if you have the time to spare. If not, please don’t hesitate to call and ask for assistance.

If you have noticed a problem recently and you are looking for a professional who can perform a garage door repair in Loveland at a competitive price, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time. We’ll be delighted to inspect your door and prepare a quotation detailing the repair costs.

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