The Hottest New Garage Door Trends of 2022

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A lot of things have changed in the past couple of years - but not everything. People still want their homes to look great and be as safe and comfortable as possible. One cost-effective way they can improve the appearance, comfort and security of their home while also enhancing its value is a new garage door installation. But with so many styles of garage door on the market (including completely customized garage doors) it can be difficult to pick the right one for your Loveland home. To make it a little easier we’ve brought together the following list of the hottest garage door trends.

Your parents probably remember a time when your choice of garage door styles consisted of wood panels painted white and… well, that's it. You could drive around virtually any suburban neighborhood in the 70s and even the 80s and that's just about all you would see. That's not the case today. Today, you have countless choices when it comes to style, appearance and materials, and your new garage door can be wired into your smart home system.

With all that in mind then, here are the seven hottest trends in new garage doors for 2022.

Glass garage doors

At least that’s what most people call them. Industry insiders refer to them as “glazed doors”. But whatever you call them these are fast becoming a favorite among people who own modern, minimalist and postmodern homes. The glass panels come in a dizzying array of colors and styles, can be etched with the pattern of your choice, can be photosensitive so that they darken up when it’s bright out, or framed with wood, metal or any other suitably durable material.

Natural wood garage doors

Overhead doors fashioned from large panels of natural wood add an aura of sophistication and timelessness to the exterior of your home. Red cedar, redwood and cypress are excellent choices for use outdoors as they are naturally weather-resistant, meaning they don’t have to be treated with chemicals in order to keep from rotting. Natural wood doors with a professionally applied stain and windows tinted to match the shade of the door will ramp up your home’s curb appeal to an insane degree.

Farmhouse garage doors

The farmhouse door is a perennial favorite with people whose homes date to the early 20th century or even the Victorian era. The farmhouse door shares design cues with the iconic barn door but is scaled down and the lines cleaned up a bit to make it suitable for use on the house. Within the farmhouse design ethos, there is a surprising amount of variety. You can choose different styles of hardware, doors that curve at the top and those that run straight across, as well as those with windows and those without. Be aware, however, that farmhouse doors are not overhead doors, so you will need room for them to swing open.

Garage doors in bold colors

Remember those white doors we talked about earlier? Well, they’re still around but they make up only a relatively small percentage of garage door sales these days. What’s really trending in 2022 is color. Big, bold, dark colors. Dark-colored garage doors are one of the hottest things going mostly because they go with so many different home styles. To really make the most of the effect, add dark-tinted glass and watch your neighbors turn dark green with envy.

The natural look

We touched on this already (farmhouse doors, natural wood doors) but it’s worthy of some extrapolation. To say the natural aesthetic is big is to understate things. For the past year or so homeowners have been turning away from steel doors, fiberglass doors and aluminum doors in droves. In their place they want a garage door fashioned from real materials. Maybe it has something to do with the increase in all things virtual that is creating this need to grab hold of something real. But whatever the cause, the natural look is big.

Minimalist garage doors

Admittedly a minimalist door is not right for every house. You can’t, for instance, install one on a Victorian home and expect it to look right. Nor will it look right on any of the countless raised ranch homes in the US. But if your home style is mid-century modern or postmodern a minimalist door may be just what the design doctor ordered. Minimalist doors have little or no ornamentation. If they have glass panels those panels are usually not framed. And if they use wood panels they fit together seamlessly when the door is closed.

Smart overhead door installation

Digital technology has transformed the world around us and changed the way we interact with it. That goes for our homes too. One very popular trend is incorporating the garage door into the internet of things: a slew of smart appliances and home services that can be controlled from a person's smartphone with just a few taps of the screen. With a smart garage door, you will be able to open or close it from anywhere in the world. Try doing that with your garage door remote.

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