Garage Door Rollers – Do You Need to Change Yours?

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Garage door springs, cable, rollers…they're all parts of your garage door setup that you likely never, ever think about. You probably don't even know of their existence until they stop doing what they're supposed to do. But like anything that is used repeatedly, their lifespan is not infinite. At some point, they will show signs of wear and they'll no longer be able to do what they are designed to do. Garage door rollers definitely fall into that category and are a component that we frequently replace during garage door repair appointments at properties in and around Loveland. In this article, we'll discuss what they are/what they do, as well as some of the signs that could indicate that they need changing.

What Exactly Are Garage Door Rollers?

Your garage door installation will have a set of tracks on either side of the door frame, and it's the rollers that connect your door to these tracks. The number of rollers your system uses will depend on the size of your garage door, but usually there are at least ten, and they are essentially small wheel-shaped components with a rod sticking out of them. They can be made from numerous different materials – plastic, nylon and steel are among the most common – and every time you open or close the door, these rollers are hard at work, moving up and down the tracks to ensure smooth operation.

How Can You Tell Garage Door Rollers Need Replacing?

If you are the type of property owner that keeps up to date with garage door maintenance, aged/damaged rollers should be identified and changed by your garage door repair technician before they can become problematic. If you don't invest in annual check-ups, there are a few tell-tale signs that you can watch out for, such as:

Lots of Vibrations When You Open/Close the Door

Remember back to when you had your garage door installation done. When the door was brand new, operating the door should have been heaven – as smooth as can be. If over time, you've noticed that there's more and more vibration when you open and close the door, it could be a sign that one or more of your rollers has come to the end of the road and needs changing. If it's vibrating to the point that the door seems to "jump", it's time you get on the phone to an experienced garage door repair tech right away, otherwise things could go from bad to worse in the near future and end up costing you more money to put right.

You Hear More Noise When the Door is in Motion

Garage doors are never going to be silent, no matter what a garage door sales company tells you prior to installation. There will always be some noise generated when it's in motion, but it should be fairly minimal providing that all components are in good condition and everything is well lubricated. If you've recently heard it getting a lot noisier to open and close the door, the rollers are often to blame, particularly if they're metal rollers as they may have rusted.

Your Door Looks Crooked

Other than helping to ensure smooth operation of the door when opening and closing, garage door rollers serve to keep the door properly aligned too. Have you recently noticed that your door doesn't seem to be quite level? It could be the rollers to blame – they may be worn to the point where they're no longer sitting as they should. The only remedy here is to call a garage door repair contractor for replacements.

Door Opens Slowly and Sometimes “Sticks”

Rollers that are up to the job should move up and down the tracks effortlessly. If you've noticed that it takes much more effort for them to go up and down, and especially if they sometimes stick, and the door suddenly jumps as they start to turn again, there are usually at least a couple of rollers that need replacing. One other tell-tale sign is when you start to frequently have problems with rollers jumping outside the tracks.

Visible Signs of Wear

If you've noticed a slight change in how your door operates, the rollers are one of the first things you should focus your attention on. Are they cracked, chipped, bent or loose? These are all signs that a replacement should be made.

How Can I Make My Garage Door Rollers Last Longer

Savvy homeowners that are prepared to regularly maintain garage door components can reduce garage door repair costs and ensure they don't have to invest in a new garage door installation for much longer. If you're wondering what you can do to extend the lifespan of rollers, here are a couple of recommendations:

  • Ensure You Frequently Lubricate Rollers – If your rollers have bearings, lubrication is essential and should be done regularly to ensure that they keep performing as they should.
  • Don't Buy Cheap – At some point, you'll have to replace garage door rollers – it's inevitable. Our advice to you would be to spend a little more and invest in some nylon rollers with bearings. Steel rollers are prone to rusting and plastic rollers often wear out quickly.

Got a Garage Door Repair Issue in Loveland? Call C & M

We've been in business for close to a decade and have vast experience with a wide range of garage door repair issues. Changing garage door rollers is second nature to us. If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out. We can be contacted at (970) 663-7335.

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