Seven Ways to Modernize Your Garage

Storage bins, shelves and wall-mounted tools in residential garage

If your garage has not changed since the day you first moved into your home, now could be a great time to modernize it. Whether you do so by converting it into additional living space or simply making it look a little smarter is up to you. Whatever your preference, you are sure to find some of the ideas in this article of interest. Below, we take a look at seven ways in which you can modernize a garage in Loveland, or any other part of the country for that matter. These ideas are based on conversations with various members of our Loveland garage door installation and repair teams. As garages and their doors are a topic that we live and breathe every day of our lives, we have plenty of great ideas to share with you. However, we've limited ourselves to just seven today, for the sake of brevity.

All of the following ideas are fairly easy to implement if you are a keen DIYer. If not, you could always hire a local professional to handle most or all of the necessary work.

Finishing the Floor and Walls

If you would like to completely transform your garage, from a utilitarian space into somewhere in which it is a pleasure to spend time, the best place to start (as far as our Loveland garage door repair and installation experts are concerned) is with the floor and walls. Unfinished floors and walls are what make garages look utilitarian in the first place and as it is relatively inexpensive to address this issue, it's a good improvement project for you to get started with. You can simply install epoxy flooring and paint the walls, or attempt something a little more refined and ambitious: the choice is yours.

Refinishing the Garage Door

If the exterior and interior surfaces of your garage door have seen much better days, you can instantly modernize your garage by refinishing them. How easy or difficult this is will depend on the type of door and finish. The cost will also be dependent on the type of door and finish with which you are dealing. A wooden garage door installation will normally be varnished and therefore quite easy to refinish. Simply sand off any remaining varnish then apply a few new coats once you have cleaned the door thoroughly. If you have a painted metal door, you can follow a similar process, only substituting paint for varnish of course.

Fitting Additional Storage Space

If you often use your garage as a home workshop or as somewhere to indulge in a hobby, such as model making or perhaps playing in a band, you could modernize the space and make it more useful at the same time by adding extra storage. Stylish new shelving and cabinets will improve the aesthetics of your garage and give you more places in which to store your tools or hobby equipment too.

Installing Drywall and Insulation

If you want to go a little further than simply painting the walls, you could install drywall, with insulation between it and the outside walls. In this way, you can turn your garage into a functional space that is easy to heat and cool all year round (assuming you also pursue idea no. six on our list).

Installing a New Garage Door

As Loveland garage door installation specialists, you might have expected this option to feature somewhere in our list of modernization ideas and we hate to disappoint so here it is! But, all joking aside, installing a brand new overhead door is a great way to modernize your garage, whether you intend to convert it into extra living space or simply use it for its original purpose. In either case, you will find an extensive array of garage doors from which to choose when you start shopping in earnest.

Installing HVAC Equipment

If you are interested in trying idea no. four (installing drywall and insulation), you will probably want to finish the job by adding air conditioning and heating to your garage. Even if you decide not to install drywall and insulation, HVAC equipment will make your garage a much nicer place to hang out, in all weather conditions.

Installing a Solar Roof

For homeowners with an integral garage, this idea can safely be passed over. For everyone else, it is well worth considering. What could be more modern than a garage with a solar roof, producing free electricity all year round?

If you are interested in more modernization ideas or you would like to request a quote for a garage door installation in Loveland, please don't hesitate to contact our service team.

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