Garage Door Installation Costs and Important Factors

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The first thing most people want to know about a new garage door is how much it is going to cost. Basic prices for ‘off-the-rack’ models can easily be found online but for made-to-measure doors, the process of determining the overall cost is a little more involved. Whilst you will be unable to arrive at a firm price without requesting quotations from local companies, you can get a good idea of how expensive a new door is likely to be by considering the most important factors in play (in the next section, you will find a list of all the main factors). Being aware of these factors could help you to negotiate a better deal when you approach your local garage door installation experts so it’s well worth doing your homework if you have a little time to spare. If you are thinking about replacing a garage door in Loveland, you are, as always, more than welcome to contact C & M Garage Doors at any time for a competitive quotation.

Main Factors That Affect the Cost of a New Garage Door Installation in Loveland

As a Loveland-based company, we can only talk with authority on the topic of garage doors as it applies to people in this part of the country. However, most, if not all, of the factors that we discuss today will apply equally to garage door installations in other parts of the USA.

Garage Door Size

Of all the factors you need to consider, size is one of the most crucial. The bigger the door, the more it is going to cost, with oversized and custom-sized doors often being disproportionately expensive. Generally speaking, the least expensive sizes are those that are most commonly found in residential properties, with single doors being considerably cheaper than double doors.

Garage Door Materials

What your new door is made of will also play a big part in deciding how much it is likely to cost. Cheaper materials, such as basic aluminum and steel, can help to keep the cost of a new overhead door installation down, while more expensive materials, such as exotic timbers and wrought iron, normally have the opposite effect. Armed with this information, you should find it much easier to focus on models that are likely to be within your preferred price range. You may also like to consider the type and quality of garage door insulation you require, as this could affect the price to a similar degree.

Type of Opener

The type of opener included with your new door will, of course, influence the overall cost. More advanced openers can be considerably more expensive while basic models are freely available at very reasonable prices these days. For the majority of residential properties, there is no need to invest in a door with a particularly expensive opener. However, if you have any special requirements, it’s worth bearing in mind the potential effect they could have on the cost of your new garage door installation.

Overall Design

The more intricate the design, the more expensive a new overhead door is likely to be. Basic, paneled aluminum or wooden doors are almost always significantly cheaper than doors that follow more complex or unusual designs. If you would like to replace your door for the smallest outlay possible, we recommend focusing on models that follow the simplest, time-tested designs.

Installation Costs

Apart from the cost of the door itself, you need to consider the installation costs: how much you will need to pay for the labor to fit your new door. This will depend not only on the type and size of the door but on your specific location too.

All of these factors will play a major part in deciding the total cost of a new door, whichever company you choose to deal with. If you want to deal with the best overhead door company in Loveland, feel free to call or message us now.

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