Comparing Garage Doors with Windows vs. Those Without

garage door with windows on a yellow house with white trim

If you’re thinking about having a new garage door installed in place of an outdated model, there are a number of things you need to consider. You’ll need to decide who to hire to complete the garage door installation, how much you want to spend, and what color door you would like. Another important point to think about is whether you would like a door with windows or a plain door without windows.

Below, we outline some of the key factors to consider when deciding whether you would like windows in your garage door or not. After you have spent some time evaluating each factor, you’ll be able to make the right decision for both you and your property.

The Pros and Cons of Garage Doors With and Without Windows

The best way to work out whether a garage door with windows or one without windows is the right choice for your home is to consider the pros and cons associated with each type.

A Garage Door Installation in Loveland with Windows

There are a number of very good reasons that people choose a door with windows when they are planning a new overhead door installation in Loveland or the surrounding area:

  • Curb Appeal - There’s no doubt that a quality door with windows can greatly improve the appearance of an otherwise bland or unattractive garage. Whether you are planning to sell your home in the near future and you’d like to entice more offers from potential buyers or you’d simply like to make your home look nicer, a garage door with windows could definitely help you to achieve your goal.
  • More Natural Light - With generously proportioned windows in the door, the interior of your garage will be filled with plenty of natural light during the daytime. If you often use your garage as a workspace, or perhaps as a music rehearsal space, a door with windows will help you to save money on electricity: you won’t have to turn on the lights until it is dark outside.
  • Future Conversion Possibilities - If you think that you might like to convert your garage into an additional living space or perhaps an extra bedroom in the future, a door with windows is an excellent choice. You are sure to want a room with a view, no matter what type of room it is, and if you already have a door with windows it’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about when carrying out the conversion.

Some of the reasons you may not want to choose an overhead door installation with windows include:

  • Security - With clear glass windows, it is easy for potential intruders to see what you are storing in your garage. However, you can get around this issue by having frosted or tinted glass windows, or only having windows at the top of the door where they will not make it easy for people to see inside.
  • Energy Efficiency - Some garage door windows are not very energy efficient, especially if they are badly fitted. But it is possible to find doors with very energy efficient windows so this may not be a problem for you.
  • Breakages - If you have children who like to play soccer in the front yard or a lawn that is close to the door, flying stones and balls could break your garage door windows. However, tempered glass is one way to avoid this issue.

Now let’s consider the pros and cons associated with garage doors that do not have windows.

A Garage Door Installation in Loveland Without Windows

Some of the primary benefits of garage doors that do not have windows include:

  • Privacy/Security – With no windows, it’s simply not possible for anybody walking past your home to see into your garage no matter how hard they try. For garages with lots of valuable tools inside, a windowless door could therefore be your best choice.
  • Durability – There’s no need to worry about broken panes of glass with a plain garage door. As long as you choose a model from a reputable manufacturer, durability will not be an issue you need to worry about.
  • Ease of Installation – If your existing door does not have windows and you are planning to install the new one yourself, it may be easier to buy a similar model to the one you already have. Garage door openers are set up to handle the weight of the door they are fitted to so if you install a model with windows, the opening mechanism will probably need to be adjusted. However, if you really want a door with windows then you can solve this issue by hiring a professional from a local overhead door company to perform the installation for you.

A couple of reasons you may not want to choose a windowless door are:

  • Aesthetics – As mentioned earlier, garage doors with windows can really transform the appearance of your garage, making your home look more attractive from the outside. If this is important to you then windowless doors are probably not the right way to go.
  • Safety – If you often use power tools in your garage, a dark, gloomy interior could compromise your safety.

If you need any more help making your choice, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our garage door sales team in Loveland today.

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