The Best Time of Year for Garage Door Installation

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If the garage door suddenly quits on you and is beyond repair you will need a new garage door installation regardless of the season. On the other hand, you may simply decide that you want to replace the door in order to bring it into line with other aesthetic changes you made to the house, or just because it's getting old and you want to fend off the possibility that it's going to suddenly fail on you in the middle of one of Loveland's famous blizzards. In that case, you can pick and choose when you want to have the door installed. And that raises the question: Is there a "best" time of year to install a garage door? Read on to find out.

What's the Best Time of the Year for a Garage Door Installation?

Unless you are forced to by circumstances installing a new garage door during the dead of winter is not such a great idea. Your home will be exposed to extreme weather for the duration of the installation process and it will be much more difficult for the installation team because of the weather and the winter clothing they need to wear to protect themselves.

The consensus among most garage door repair and installation pros is that springtime is the best time to install a new garage. Here are four reasons why that is so:

The temperature is just right for an installation

Unless it has to be done it's just too cold to try and install a new garage door during the winter. The summer months are less than ideal for the opposite reason. For example, in July of 2022, there was an all-time high temperature in Loveland of 106 degrees. Not exactly ideal weather for installing a garage door. On the other hand temperatures in the springtime are just right with daily temps in the mid-60s during April and mid-70s during May.

Chances are the door was beaten up a bit during the winter

Winters in Colorado can be unforgiving. The temperature often hovers around zero and the winds swooping down off the mountains pummel everything in their path. In many parts of Colorado, six or more feet of snow typically falls during the December to February period, sometimes in batches of a couple of feet at a time. The cold is hard on the rollers, the opener, the springs, and other components of the door. By the time spring rolls around the door has been through hell. Which makes April or May ideal months for replacing it.

You'll have all summer to enjoy the new door

Springtime is a lot of people's favorite season. The gruesome grip of cold, dark weather has been lifted, flowers are poking up through the dirt and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief while they stash their winter coat away. But while spring is king for many the truth is the summertime is when people really let their hair down and enjoy the great outdoors. Barbecues, pool parties, and holiday get-togethers that last all day and into the night, they're all aspects of summertime fun. Who wants to be installing a garage door when there's golf to be played, frisbees to be tossed, ballgames to attend and long invigorating hikes to be taken? No one. Have your door installed in the springtime and leave the summer for other, more important things.

You might catch a special price

For all the reasons we already mentioned, wintertime is not optimal for garage door installation. This means that it's the slowest time of the year for garage door companies. By the time March and April roll around these businesses are keen to kick-start things and so many will offer special prices for new installations. But even if the local garage door company isn't running a promo garage door manufacturers might be. If you're lucky you'll be able to catch a special price on the door, and a special price on the installation.

For Expert Garage Door Installation in Loveland, contact C & M

Make no mistake, we install garage doors all year long - so if you need a new garage door in the middle of January or February, don't hesitate to contact our service team. That said, the topic of this post was whether there is a best time to perform an installation, and the answer is: "Yes. In the springtime."

For expert garage door repair and installation get in touch with the pros at C & M Garage Doors by calling (970) 663-7335.

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